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Live Session   Recording

Nexus Sound Studio offers world class recording at affordable rates.  Using Pro Tools HD we can individually track and layer your songs, or track your session live in real time with our powerful HDX Interfaces, we offer 24 tracks of simultaneous recording capability, coupled with the industry’s leading Microphones and Preamps.


Our engineers are skilled in all genres of music, and we are able to pair you with the right engineer for your project. Our engineers have worked with many national artists, as well as local and regional talent and know get the best results for our clients. Our engineers are artists themselves in most cases and truly understand the individual needs of our clients

 Here at Nexus Sound Studios, we run a powerful HD Interface that boasts a 24 track simultaneous recording capability and enough preamps and compressors to cover it. Add in some of the industry’s leading vocal and instrument specific microphones and a dedicated and knowledgeable Nexus Engineer and you’ve got the recipe for a great sounding project. You can choose from recording the instruments and voices individually for a live / studio blended sound or all together to create a live performance / jam session feel. The choice is yours and no matter what you choose, we got you covered.

House Engineer $35/hr - 4 hr Block $128 - 10 hr Block $300
Senior Engineer $45/hr - 4 hr Block $168 - 10 hr Block $400

                            $55/hr - 4 hr Block $208 - 10 hr Block $500

Chief Engineer  $65/hr - 4 hr Block $248 - 10 hr Block $600

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The art of mixing a song down in real time includes using volume, pan, EQ, Compression, and Sound Effects such as Reverb, Delay, and Chorus to blend and mix the multiple layers of tracks in your music to make your recording sound as clean and natural as possible.

A great mix is key to achieving top notch industry sound and is much more complex than simply adjusting volume levels on instrumentals and vocals although that is a key part. 

EQ - When layers of instrumentals are layered upon one another they can take on a muddy sound due to shared audio frequencies. This is corrected by minor cuts and boosts to specific audio frequencies. Our audio engineers will adjust the highs, lows, mids and everything in between to deliver a clean crisp sound.

PANNING- Music is recorded and played in stereo, which means each element must be assigned a left or right speaker position. This is crucial in keeping the instrumentals from infringing on one another and allowing key aspects of the song to stand out.

EFFECTS- During the mixing process the audio engineer may add effects such as compression, reverbs, delays or other effects to bring you music to the next level

We have a vast library of effects and proudly use the Industry’s Standard in Wave Plug in Options.

AUTOMATION- Since different song elements need to be brought to the forefront in different parts of the song, volume levels, panning and effects need to be automated so that vocal or guitar solo will be at the perfect level each time the mix is played.


Our engineers are experienced in all genres of music and have worked with National and International Recording Artists. Our staff is comprised of talented Artists and Producers who understand individual artist needs. We understand that every client is different, and we are here to make sure you are satisfied with your whole experience from start to finish!

Mixing can  be done in the studio by the hour with the client in the studio or by a flat rate quoted by mixing engineer without the client in the studio.

Rates are typical but may vary due to the number of tracks as well as the size and length.


Standard Mix

A Standard mix will give your music a radio quality sound. This mix will fine-tune your recordings so your vocals and bass sound consistent and crisp anywhere they are played.

House Engineer

$75 with 2 track instrumental 

$150 with tracked out instrumental***

Senior Engineer

$100 with 2 track instrumental

$175 with tracked out instrumental***


Premium  Mix

A Premium mix will add that over the top character to your song. This mix quality will bring out the best in your music by using vocal effects, sound effects, chopping of Instrumental and/or vocals and remixing parts of the song that are a commonly found in the songs that top today's charts. The impact it can make is difficult to understand until you hear the difference it makes in your songs.

House Engineer

$150 with 2 track instrumental

$250 with tracked out instrumental***

Senior Engineer

$200 with 2 track instrumentals

$300 with tracked out instrumental***

***Tracked out Instrumental is each individual sound of the beat; Kick, Clap, Bass, ext. Mixing with the track outs is always highly recommended to get the best possible sound quality.


25% Discount on Mixing & Mastering for Songs Recorded at Nexus Sound Studio *Excludes Additional Mixes

Additional Mixes

Basic Radio edit                                       $30/Song

Radio edit with FX (delays & Chops)      $40/Song

TV mixes-For performance                     $30/ Song

A Cappella & Instrumental                     $10/Bounce

A deposit of 50% is required in advance in order to start project. The remaining balance is due upon the project completion. Deposits can be made in person, Cash App, Zelle or Pay Pal. 

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Often, Mastering is the most crucial step to finalizing your recordings for release!


This is the step after the track is fully mixed down to the clients liking. Our mastering engineer will take your mixed down tracks and arrange them in the order they will be in for the final release. We then ensure all the levels on each track are consistent and apply the final stages of compression and EQ to bring your tracks to Radio Quality and ready for the world to hear!


Our Staff will meet with you prior to the start of your project and help you decide the best route to get your tracks completed and be of the highest quality possible. We have worked from Artists from all over the world including singers and songwriters from many diverse genres of music. We are able to master tracks recorded remotely from anywhere in the world and deliver you the quality results you expect from a State of the Art Recording Facility.

Mastering    1-3 Songs                             $50/Song

                     4-9 Songs                             $40/Song

                     10-15 Songs                         $400

                     16+ Songs                           $30/Song


Music Production & Songwriting

Here at Nexus Sound Studio, we have a team of highly skilled producers that are making new songs and instrumentals daily!  We offer custom instrumental compositions at some of the most affordable rates in the country. Our team of highly skilled producers are able to meet with you in person or via phone to discuss your project in detail and customize the track to your individual or group needs.

We offer custom made instrumentals starting at $300. Custom instrumentals include exclusive rights and .wav track outs.

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Audio Restoration

Audio artifacts can take many forms such as hiss, scratch, humming or mechanical and impulse noises.  Nexus Sound Studio can help with these issues using Izotope  RX9 state of the art software, we can restore old recordings, repair damaged recordings, and remove unwanted background noise. Pricing varies depending on the extent of damage and the length of recording. Call or message us for more information.

audio restoration
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