Alex AT Thomas

Chief Engineer/Videographer

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Keith Kelly

Sr. Engineer 

Keith has been the voice of our Warren location for 5 yrs. When he's not making your music sound great, he is creating his own music as the bassist for Mettal Maffia. 

Evan Brown

Sr. Engineer

Evan is a cool dude that sleeps till noon and this could actually be his pic

Anthony Alexander

House Engineer

Anthony has been in the music industry for many years. As a Nexus Sound Studio Engineer he is able to draw from his experience and use it to help artists to reach their full potential.

Our team comes from a variety of musical and non-musical backgrounds. We have worked with artists all over the world and have been trained extensively in ProTools and with a variety of other programs and equipment. We have created a NEXUS specific workflow to help our clients make the most of their scheduled time. This enables us to provide for you the best and most efficient recording experience possible with an engineer picked specifically for your individual needs. So whether you’re a Solo artist or Band working on a single or album, a director scoring your first film or a writer creating an Audiobook, NEXUS has the perfect engineer for your project.

Logan Morton

House Engineer 

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Ryan Hellock



Sam Ortz